The Ambassador

The Ambassador is both warrior and diplomat. He listens to the words of those who deserve influence and guides those in his care as he guides himself. He acts not selfishly but for the betterment of all.

SMBs overlooking online security risks: Zurich

A report by Zurich has found that while technology such as the internet and the cloud can be beneficial for small to medium businesses, it's also putting them at risk.

Firefox adds anti-malware file reputation service

Firefox has blocked known phishing and malware sites for some time. Now it will check reputation on individual files and soon use file signatures.

The Apple backdoor that wasn't

On Monday, several media outlets mistakenly reported that Apple had installed "backdoors" on millions of iPhones and iOS devices. UPDATED.

Google granting half of 'right to be forgotten' requests

After being called to account over its handling of the 'right to be forgotten' ruling, it has been revealed that Google is approving around 50 percent of all requests.

Australia’s Covata eyes US financial sector

Australian data security firm, Covata, is setting its sights on the United States financial sector, in the lead up to its listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in September.

Dutch government can use spy data gathered illegally, court rules

Data collected by the likes of the NSA in a manner that would be forbidden in the Netherlands can still be used by the country's government, according to a recent court ruling.

Sony settles PSN hack lawsuit for $15 million

The tech giant plans to offer restitution for those affected by the 2011 PSN hack in free games, subsidies and cash payouts.

Wi-Fi security boost just over the horizon

Wi-Fi, especially public Wi-Fi, is still fraught with security problems. A solution has been in the works for some time but is still not ready for most.

Homeland Security gets into software security

It sounds unlikely, but the Homeland Security Agency is now providing an online, open-source code-testing suite with the unlikely name of SWAMP.

European Central Bank suffers security breach, personal data stolen

The European Central Bank's website has been hacked and personal information has been stolen by a cybercriminal.