The Ambassador

The Ambassador is both warrior and diplomat. He listens to the words of those who deserve influence and guides those in his care as he guides himself. He acts not selfishly but for the betterment of all.

Kim Dotcom's Internet Party bombs out of New Zealand election

Internet Party partner Mana loses its seat while their combined effort was well short of the 5% threshold required for representation in Parliament.

The Apple phish are flying

The news of the new iPhones and the leaked celebrity photos create an atmosphere in which users might act rashly when presented with a message purportedly from Apple.

Microsoft reorgs its Trustworthy Computing group; cuts some staff

The fallout from Microsoft's latest round of layoffs is continuing, with a reorg and job cuts affecting the company's Trustworthy Computing group.

Zero Day Weekly: Apple's big fix, Home Depot, Salesforce flags Dyre Trojan

A collection of notable security news items for the week ending September 19, 2014. Covers enterprise, controversies, reports and more.

Huawei, still trying to crack the US market, aims at 'less sensitive industries'

Security concerns raised by US are not an issue for enterprise customers, says Chinese company as it aims at the corporate tech market.

Vic government protects personal data with new privacy law

The Victorian government has replaced the Information Privacy Act with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 to address the protection levels of personal information collected and used by public agencies.

Android L will offer default encryption just like iOS 8

Google's upcoming Android L operating system will offer default data encryption, mirroring the functionality in Apple's iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 range.

Home Depot: 56 million payment cards affected by cyberattack

Home Depot said it has added better encryption software and replaced 85,000 PIN pads following the attack that started in April.

Apple omits 'warrant canary' from latest transparency reports; Patriot Act data demands likely made

A warrant canary stating that Apple has 'never received an order' under the Patriot Act has been removed from its latest reports. That suggests such demands have been made.

Apple updates OS X Mavericks, Safari and other products

In addition to Mavericks 10.9.5, the company released updates for earlier OS X versions, multiple new versions of Safari, and patches for Xcode, OS X Server and Apple TV.