The Ambassador

The Ambassador is both warrior and diplomat. He listens to the words of those who deserve influence and guides those in his care as he guides himself. He acts not selfishly but for the betterment of all.

The Shellshock FAQ: Here's what you need to know

Am I vulnerable? How serious are the attacks? The answers to these and many other Shellshock questions are here for you.

How two remote Arctic territories became the front line in the battle for internet privacy

A proposal to turn unused top level domains into a safe harbour for privacy-focused services has stirred up controversy in its native Norway.

Teen hackers charged with stealing $100 million in Army, Microsoft tech

Despite their ages, the crimes are serious: breaking into both the US Army and Microsoft's servers to steal everything from unreleased games to military software.

Google triples Chrome bug bounty rewards to $15,000

As exploits in Google's Chrome browser become more difficult to find, you'll be paid well for your time.

UXC grows in online security market with Saltbush acquisition

UXC has acquired the Saltbush Group, which will improve the company's position in the growing online security space, in particular the federal government market.

ASIO powers to tap the whole internet pass parliament

Australia's Parliament has passed the first tranche of new national security reforms, approving laws that will give ASIO the power to monitor every device on the internet, and with a single warrant copy, delete, or modify data held on those devices.

Trend Micro to share threat information with Interpol

Security software provider Trend Micro will share its threat information analysis with global police agency Interpol for the next three years, in a bid to bridge the gap in information sharing between the public and private sectors.

Chinese gov fears Instagram, Europe vs. Google [Government IT News]

The Chinese government is cracking down on Instagram, fearing dissidents and food porn. Europe is once again telling Google how it feels, and the FBI is releasing software. Plus more gov news 'round the globe.

First iOS Trojan attack launches amid Hong Kong protests

An iOS Trojan called Xsser mRat is similar to an Android virus and appears to be a rare cross platform attack. Target: Hong Kong protesters.

Why I almost bit on bitcoin and nearly bought into the Butterfly Labs scam

Bitcoin and Butterfly Labs: What smelled like a rat apparently was. David Gewirtz tells the story of why he almost bought, but didn't and how the math worked in favor of the scammers.