The Ambassador

The Ambassador is both warrior and diplomat. He listens to the words of those who deserve influence and guides those in his care as he guides himself. He acts not selfishly but for the betterment of all.

The Internet keeps getting faster and more dangerous

Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report is out and it shows an Internet that's becoming faster and more dangerous.

NIST finally dumps NSA-tainted random number algorithm

Many years since a backdoor was discovered, probably planted by the NSA, public pressure finally forces NIST to formally remove Dual_EC_DRBG from their recommendations.

Brazilian Senate approves Internet Bill of Rights

President Dilma Rousseff will present Marco Civil as her response to spying activity carried out by the US.

Apple security updates for Mac, iOS, and AirPort

A total of 33 vulnerabilities patched, most in iOS. Only the Airport Base Station was vulnerable to Heartbleed.

No requirement to destroy collected metadata: ACLI

The government body charged with investigating police corruption in Australia revealed today that it was under no obligation to destroy telecommunications data once it has been obtained for investigative purposes.

China doesn't wanna let Win XP go, seeks security addons

Having invested hundreds of million acquiring the Microsoft OS since 2010, the Chinese government is choosing to hang on and looking for Win XP-specific security products to protect user data.

Formal NIST recommendation for Dual_EC_DRBG to be withdrawn

NIST is one step away from removing the NSA-backdoored Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator from its set of recommended algorithms to generate random numbers.

The price of popularity: Cloud security threats near on-premise levels

Hackers are now targeting cloud-based apps and systems almost as much as on-premise environments, particularly with so-called brute force attacks and vulnerability scans.

Cloud security still the missing link in M2M

With cloud the main enabler of machine-to-machine communications, questions about data security that remain unaddressed will continue to hinder wider deployment of Internet of Things.

Is OpenSSL secure... in its dominance?

All it will take is one major player to endorse LibreSSL as compatible and functional and OpenSSL adoption will crumble.