The Ambassador

The Ambassador is both warrior and diplomat. He listens to the words of those who deserve influence and guides those in his care as he guides himself. He acts not selfishly but for the betterment of all.

Microsoft corrects Windows XP/Security Essentials bug

[UPDATED] A bad update caused users of many Microsoft security products, not just Security Essentials, to experience "interrupted service". The latest update fixes the problem.

Samsung's fingerprint flop latest biometric cautionary tale

Samsung's Galaxy S5 latest to signal that biometrics still not a solid answer on authentication

AMD's plan to get back into the black? Fix the internal IT culture, and fast

AMD's chief information officer tells ZDNet how his company's efforts to compete amid financial downturn rest on its innovation efforts, because the chipmaker can't innovate without a solid internal IT system.

Michaels Stores confirms data breach, 3 million cards affected

The company said in January it learned of the breach and hired security firms to investigate. Michaels also said that it has contained the incident and the malware isn't a threat.

Google algorithm busts CAPTCHA with 99.8 percent accuracy

Google engineers have defeated CAPTCHA thanks to a Street View algorithm designed to decipher blurry street addresses.

Can 'pay with your palm' biometrics help break Sweden's card addiction?

Who needs a smartphone to make low-value payments when giving the till a high five can do the same job?

Singapore broker urges 'light touch' Bitcoin regulation

Governments should adopt a light touch approach in regulating virtual currencies and instead allow technology to help protect consumer interests, says Singapore-based Bitcoin broker, Coin Republic.

Heartbleed too big to investigate: Privacy Commissioner

Australia's Privacy Commissioner will not be investigating whether Australian organisations and government agencies have been vulnerable to privacy breaches from the Heartbleed bug until allegations are made about specific organisations.

Top Chinese hacking team reveals members' identities

“50 percent of us are the top scoring students in the national college entrance examination. 50 percent are majored in mathematics, and 50 percent are from Microsoft,” says group's co-founder.

Lavabit case undermines claims NSA had Heartbleed early

If the NSA really did have Heartbleed "for years" as was claimed recently by Bloomberg news, they wouldn't need to go after Lavabit. They wouldn't even want to.