The Ambassador

The Ambassador is both warrior and diplomat. He listens to the words of those who deserve influence and guides those in his care as he guides himself. He acts not selfishly but for the betterment of all.

Brazil governance event raises expectations over Internet reform

President Dilma Rousseff sent a strong message about an Internet management overhaul to the world, but concrete actions are required

Former NSA deputy director: Snowden leaks caused 'significant disservice' to the Internet

Edward Snowden caused more damage to the Internet than the U.S. intelligence community did, according to a former deputy director of the NSA. But of course, he would say that. So, now what?

Former CIA CTO speaks out on Snowden leaks, Amazon's $600M cloud deal

Former CIA CTO Gus Hunt explained one of the primary reasons why the U.S. intelligence agency contracted Amazon in a $600 million deal to create its private cloud.

Data Breach report dishes recommendations for authentication changes

Writing's on the wall for single-factor, password-based authentication on the Internet, Verizon report says.

Cisco, Microsoft, VMware, and other tech giants unite behind critical open-source projects

In the wake of the Heartbleed OpenSSL security disaster, The Linux Foundation has brought together both open-source supporters and companies better known for proprietary software to fund mission-critical open-source projects.

Facebook, Gmail, Skype face Russia ban under 'anti-terror' data snooping plan

The Russian parliament's latest play could see major Western technology firms banned from the country if they don't store data on its soil — a move that would allow Russian authorities to easily snoop on user data.

Dutch intelligence is a joke - just not the way you think

When the Netherlands' intelligence agency took to Twitter to answer questions from Dutch citizens, hilarity really did ensue.

What happens when a country no longer trusts its data is safe? It starts building

In Germany, privacy concerns mean an increase in data security centres in the country and interest from international companies.

Telstra inks multimillion dollar security deal with Mako Networks

Telstra has signed a multimillion dollar broadband security services deal with Mako Networks, representing the cloud-based security company’s largest contract in the Australian market.

The Internet keeps getting faster and more dangerous

Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report is out and it shows an Internet that's becoming faster and more dangerous.